VIDEO: Obama: Eight Million Enrolled Under Affordable Care Act

President Barack Obama gave a briefing Thursday announcing eight million people have signed up under the Affordable Care Act. He blasted continued Republican efforts to repeal the law. (Photo/Video: AP)


VIDEO: Worst Scenarios for Climate Change Can Be Avoided

A United Nations report suggests that governments can still avert the more serious consequences of climate change provided they act quickly and aggressively to cut the accelerating pace of greenhouse-gas emissions. Gautam Naik reports. Photo: AP.


VIDEO: Nascar’s Danica Patrick’s Advice to Bieber & Cyrus

Nascar’s Danica Patrick reveals to WSJ Celebrity Business reporter Lee Hawkins the advice she would give young stars like Justin Bieber and Miley Cyrus about how to be successful as a young celebrity and how to protect their images and brands. Photo: AP